Age 4 - 6

Who has never dreamed
of performing a circus act in front
of an audience?
This is your chance!
The children will dress-up
like clowns and practice different
acts. At the end of the party
there can be a circus show
with ‘real’ artists.
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Dress up clothes

* Clown suit
* Large bow tie
* Collar

* Clown suit
* Hat
* Red nose
* Bunting (7 m)
* Table cloth
(1.5x2 m)
Materials games
* Painted board
* Weight for weightlifting
* Chineese plates with sticks
* Diabolo
* Plastic ducks with fishing rod
* Tub
* Balancing board on roll
* Beachbal
* Stools
* Musical instruments
* Bubble  blowing machine
* Juggle balls